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Taxi Cab Card

Taxi Cab Card

What is Taxi Cab Card?
It's a smartcard, the same size as a credit card, and you will use it to pay for your journeys by taxi.

When you get your Data Cabs taxi card you can pre-pay any amount onto the card and then use it to pay for your taxi fares.

How will I use my TaxiCard?
You'll be able to book journeys as normal in advance as you want or just before you travel as long as the taxi company has a car available. You will be able to make journeys to wherever you want to go.

What do I do when I'm in the taxi?
You must present your card to the driver when you get into the Taxi the driver will insert the card into the inboard computer this will show the balance of the card. At the end of the journey the driver will type in the amount of the fare, which will then be deducted the correct amount of money for your journey from your card.

You’ll be able to check the amount left on your Taxi Cab Card when you’re in the taxi too.

Loyalty Cards

These cards are for regular customers. The customer receives a 10% discount off the appropriate tariff plus you receive a prioritised service.

Student Card

These cards work the same way as a loyalty card.


Terms of use
The discount card is non transferable each card is registered to the person who applied for it. You can use your card in any Data Cab on both telephone bookings and taxi rank and if you flag down a cab you may also use your card. By using your card you or the person paying the fare will receive a 10% discount off the metered fare on the appropriated tariff. The management has the right to cancel any card without reason.

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